Services We Provide

Our size, combined with our experienced staff are a significant advantage for our customers. We are small enough to provide a high degree of personalized services. Yet we are large enough to be able execute large projects successfully. Our financial strength allows us to support our customers and leverage our purchasing power with our vendors to provide you with the best services and prices possible. A summary of available services is listed below.


New, used, and refurbished workstations, seating, filing, private office, conference room, training room, information technology, mailroom, shelving, warehouse racking.


Trained labor technicians providing service in all furnishings and manufacturers products.

Project Management

Trained and experienced managers work for your management team to assure a well executed transition, with time schedules and budget responsibilities.


Providing space and equipment to receive and deliver materials.

Disposition of Old Equipment

Removal and disposal of materials and equipment left at old facility, not needed at new location.

Relocation/Move Management

Labor, trucking, and equipment to relocate your office personnel and equipment.

Final Facility Clean

Upon removal of all significant material, a final cleaning is performed to return space to owner.

Refinishing / Touch Up

Wood materials being reused in new facility in need of revitalization.